This is my blog, expressing my opinion and my analysis

I started this blog about two weeks ago to express my opinions and reactions to current political events. Perhaps I should have stated that clearly in the very first post.

In any event, I am under no obligation to be “fair and balanced”. I am not paid or sponsored by anyone, and I make no claim to being a journalist. I simply observe what I see, and give my opinions. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. That’s CHOICE! I do consider myself a patriot, self-defined as having my country’s best interest at heart, as I see it, rather than any self-serving interest for myself, or any “special interest” group.

I do believe that the federal government should be strictly limited to the powers granted explicitly in the Constitution. I believe in the individual liberties and powers of individuals, and the States, that are not otherwise granted to the federal government, as enumerated in the the Constitution, and further stipulated in the 10th Amendment.

I am not bound by “political-correctness”, nor will I accept that as a basis for any deviation from the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. Our basic rights as human beings come from our Maker, NOT our rulers. Our government was never vested with the power to grant, nor rescind these rights.

We are indeed in a period of political upheaval. There are those who believe in the progressive/socialist path, and those who believe that a return to the principles of our founding fathers are the way to go. I make no bones about being firmly in the latter camp. I offer no apologies for my stance in that position, either. I see the ruination of those countries who have already tried the former route, and do not wish that result upon my countrymen. It has been disastrous, but the progressives in this country are intent on pursuing that ruinous path.

No, I don’t believe that Obama is the Devil, nor do I believe that he is the equivalent of Hitler or Stalin. I do believe that Barack Hussein Obama is devoted to a New World Order, with a Global Government, based on “social and economic justice” which is the foundation of Socialism. You don’t have to take my word for it, do your homework and see for yourself. As they said on the X-Files, “The Truth Is Out There”. Will you just be content to be spoon-fed by the Obama-adoring media, or will you take the time and effort to find out the facts about what is really going on behind the scene for yourselves?

It’s up to you. You will decide for yourself who and what you believe. You will decide whether to go like cattle to slaughter, and accept the bilge that the administration and it’s adoring media is feeding you. You still have the choice to think for yourself and decide which path you will follow. The path of independence and self-sufficiency is still open. For now, anyway.


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