Assessing Obama’s “vision”

A simple assessment of Obama’s “vision” shows that he has no intentions of cutting the size of government or spending. That is clear. Simple mathematics shows that confiscating ALL of the wealth of the “rich” wouldn’t cover one year of Obama spending. Then what?

When I first heard of the Cloward and Piven Strategy, it sounded too unbelievable that an American President would actually undermine the US intentionally. After doing some research and comparing events of the last two years, I’m not so skeptical anymore.

Is it possible that Obama, who was hailed as brilliant in 2008, is actually so inept and bumbling in his handling of our economy? Considering the left-leaning anti-capitalists he has chosen as advisors, including self-proclaimed Communist Van Jones, it is more likely that Obama is actually trying to manipulate the economy to promote his own agenda, regardless of the damage to the country and the hardships it causes our people.

For instance, if Obama were truly so averse to fossil fuels as a cause of “Global Warming” (his excuse for hobbling the development of American resources), why would he be promoting Brazilian oil production? It defies logic. Why would he be promoting a huge “investment” in wind power, when that experiment in Spain proved to be a huge boondoggle that actually killed 2.2 existing jobs for every “green job” created? Due to huge cost overruns with little to show for it, Spain has since cut that program by some 70%. The tremendous “investment” in high speed rail has also proven to be a disaster in other countries. Very few, if any, benefits have been realized after huge expenditures, and the necessity of continuing subsidies.

Why would Obama want to pursue a track record of failures? If one discounts the possibility that Obama and company are just economic idiots, there are only two other likely possibilities.

The first, and most believable on the surface, is that this administration is willing to sacrifice the recovery and whatever hardships the people are forced to suffer in order to maintain it’s own power and control through massive handouts to the failing unions. By requiring that government contracts for these huge boondoggles be awarded to unions, the administration guarantees massive campaign contributions (kickbacks), and organizational support from said unions. The average high school student could follow that logic.

The second, and much more sinister possibility, is that Obama and his merry band of anti-capitalists are actually trying to follow the Cloward and Piven Strategy of intentionally collapsing our economy (never let a crisis go to waste) in order to implement Obama’s true “vision” of “fundamentally transforming America“. A total collapse of our economy would give the President “Emergency Powers” you wouldn’t believe. The power to declare Martial Law. The power to suspend elections. The power to completely control all sources of energy and food supplies. The power to SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION! That would also include the power to seize private property, from your shed up to your company, including all media. This is all perfectly legal, as long as a valid “emergency” exists. It matters not if the “emergency” was intentionally created. You would have no legal recourse in “times of emergency“.

This may not be possible to achieve unless Obama gets a second term. All the more reason for making sure that this possibility is thwarted before it can be carried out. That is precisely why this is the most important election in over a century. If you love your country and it’s people, traditions, freedom and liberty, IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DO WHATEVER YOU ARE ABLE TO DO to stop this from happening!

Think about it. Do your own research. Find out for yourself, don’t take my word for it, but dismiss these possibilities at your own peril. It is much better to fight this politically now than to have a bloody second Civil War that NOBODY WANTS. Don’t let that happen. Get involved NOW! PUT A STOP TO THIS ATTEMPTED COUP!


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