Patriots Unite!

April 22, 2010

Please bear with me, as this is my first attempt at blogging. I’m sure it will get better with time and experience.

The reason for starting this blog is to offer information and means for networking among the millions of American Patriots who are concerned with the direction our beloved country has taken recently.

It is my belief that if we are to preserve our liberty, that we must unite to return our government to it’s original purpose as defined in the Constitution.  This will be no easy task, as our government has grown so bloated and assumed so much power that was never intended by our Founding Fathers. Those in government who are drunk on their assumed power will not give it up easily.

I am NOT advocating violence, nor the overthrow of the government! If we mobilize and act quickly, we can return our government to what it was meant to be by peaceful political means. That means educating yourself about history and politics. It means that once you educate yourself, you educate your friends and neighbors, and convince them that they must become politically active in order to preserve the Liberty that they are accustomed to. We must take this country back before it is “fundamentally transformed” into a European-style Social Democracy. Wishing it will not make it so. Obama and the Progressives are moving as quickly as they can, expecting us to not pay attention and let them slip one thing after another past us. They are charged-up after ramming their unconstitutional health-care take-over through, over the objections of the clear majority of Americans.

It is obvious that the Progressives are hell-bent on “transforming” America into their Euro-Socialist dream, using the justification of “Social Justice” to play Robin Hood and re-distribute the assets of our country. Folks, if you think Political Correctness was bad, you’d better buckle your seatbelt. What the Progressives want to do will shock you, when you check into it. And that is precisely what I am challenging you to do. Check into it. It is my job to wake you up, not to “brainwash” you.

If you are reading this, then you most likely have internet access. I will be providing links to news sources very shortly. Don’t be content with 30 minutes of network news every day. They are by far “in the tank” for the Progressive agenda. They will tell you how great Obama’s policies and objectives are, and hide the details of his agenda that take away your liberties and expand the power of the government to dictate the details of your daily life to you. You must spend some time to read between the lines. Become informed. Check out the voting records of your representatives in Washington. Contact them regularly, letting them know of your concerns. Don’t let the fact that many of them are not listening deter you! Get it on record!

Become involved in local and state politics. Take the time to go to city and county party meetings, and cast your vote. If you don’t, nothing will change. You have a right, and a responsibility to voice your opinion as to how you wish to be represented. Recently, because of the mobilization and action of the local Tea Party members, two counties in Virginia had their GOP County Chairmen overthrown within one week. WE SURROUND THEM, folks! It is possible. Grassroots is, by definition, from the ground up. Start there, but keep the pressure on the D.C. bunch too.

Make no mistake, they are feeling the heat. At first, the Tea Party movement was dismissed as a fringe group. It didn’t go away. Now, the movement has grown and gained such momentum that the Progressives feel the need to demonize and smear us with false accusations of racism and violence. It is, in fact, the leftists who have perpetrated violence, not the Tea Party. They see the snowball rolling down the hill, picking up size and speed, and they are terrified. We cannot become complacent, we must persevere.

We must exercise our rights, and vote these career politicians out of office. We must send a clear signal to Washington that we DEMAND honest and fair representation. We DEMAND that our representatives adhere to the Constitution. We DEMAND that our representatives be good stewards of our tax money, and our resources. We must show them that if they don’t, we will replace them with someone who will. That is our right. That is our responsibility.