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No, Mr. President, we ain’t buying it

September 30, 2010

The official word on the Democratic agenda, if you listen to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is a vague promise to keep moving the country forward. While defending an unpopular agenda, the idea of laying out a clear agenda for the 112th Congress is not yet taking hold. “We’re so busy defending our record — and it is quite a record. If you look at what we accomplished, you may not like it, we have accomplished quite a bit in a very short period time.”

Very telling. Yes, it’s quite a record of passing legislation that the clear majority strongly opposed. And no, we do not like it at all. We see it as arrogant elitists telling us “shut up, we know better than you”. This is not what Americans elect their representatives to do. You arrogant elitists have ignored the majority of your constituents, and we are rightfully outraged. Just what did you expect?

Obama had the absolute hubris to say “You’d think they would be thanking me”!  Thanking you? Thanking you for trampling the Constitution? Thanking you for ignoring the will of the people? Thanking you for putting our grandchildren in debt so you could reward your supporters? Thanking you for growing the government into a Soviet style overseer of our everyday functions? Thanking you for forcing your socialist policies and agenda on us, when we have been screaming “NO!” at the top of our lungs?

No, Mr. President, we have no thanks for you. We reject your “progressive” (socialist) policies and agenda. In fact, we want your so-called “accomplishments” repealed. We don’t want your “vision” of a Democratic Socialist state. We now see that your ambition is to become America’s Hugo Chavez, and we will absolutely not stand for it. We don’t need “adult supervision”, we are adults, thank you very much. We can make our own decisions without government guidance. Do you really believe that you are so superior to the American people that we cannot function without your wisdom? We CAN do without you, and there is little doubt now that we would do better without you and your arrogance.

We reject you and your arrogant elitism, Mr. President. Most of us think we would be better off if you would go back to your “community organizing” with corrupt organizations like ACORN. We have seen your dog and pony show, and we are not impressed. We don’t want you, and we certainly don’t need you. Go back to Chicago, where your brand of corruption and thuggery is the norm. We don’t want you anymore, or your “progressive (socialist) vision.